If Jacinda Ardern wins the leadership role and eventual election I’m totally copy writing the term ‘PILF’.

I’m 22, I’m having fun, I’m making money.


Portrait of kabuki actor Jitsukawa Enjaku II as Danshichi Kurobei’, woodblock print by Natori Shunsen (1926).

RIP pinkscrumpy

A chalk board I gone and done.
Taken two hours ago. Look how confident I am. Now I’m drinking beers with a pocket full of nails & screws & my car keys are still in a bush somewhere in my front yard.


i know this is a long shot / way too early to plan but im going to be moving house in june and ive talked to some of ya’ll who r planning on flatting around then or moving to wellington around then, and if you are come flat with me!!!!!! my current flatmates are gonna be going traveling when our lease runs out so i want to live with nice fun people who won’t mind me decorating the house with adorable things!!!!!!!!! just do it (nike tick)


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It’s sad that rise of craft beer bars might mean the end of “wee walls” aka stainless pissers.

Here at [insert boutique cafe here] we make all the juices daily, roast our own coffee, milk our own cows for the trim milk and we’ve just started growing our own staff. That’s right, we’ve got our own waiter eugenics program running just out back.